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Braham Torah Dedication

In Memory of Mark & Pamela Braham,

and Don & Rebekah Braham.

Torah Dedication

The Torah is our most precious item, sustaining the Jewish people throughout history. It tells us that every Jew, regardless of background or knowledge, has an equal share in the Torah.

The 613th and final mitzvah in the Torah is that every Jew writes his own Sefer Torah. Our Rabbis have taught that one can fulfill this mitzvah by dedicating a portion or even one letter in a Torah.

This is also an opportunity to honor someone by donating in their name.

Sponsor the writing of a special section

Sponsor the writing of a special section of the Torah:

$10,000.00: Keter Torah - Crown

$5,000.00: Sefer - one of the five books of Moses.

$1,260.00: Parsha- the Torah portion of a week.

$613.00: Aliyah.

Sponsor a Special Section
Sponsor a verse in the Torah

Sponsor one of the verses in the Torah.

Sponsor a Verse in the Torah
Sponsor a word in the Torah

Sponsor a word in the Torah.

Sponsor a Word in the Torah
Sponsor a letter in the Torah

Sponsor a letter in the Torah.

Spoinsor a letter in the Torah
Sponsor a Special Selection

Sponsor one of the following special selections of the Torah:

  • Blessings to Children-Jacob’s blessings to his children.

  • Az Yashir-Song at the splitting of the Red Sea.

  • The Ten Commandments-The foundation for our relationship with G-d and our fellow man.

  • Vayehi Binsoa-Prayer at the Ark opening.

  • Hashem Hashem-G-d’s attributes of mercy.

  • Bircat Kohanim-The Priestly blessings.

  • Shema Yisrael-Declaration of your belief.

  • Chazak-The conclusion of a book of the Torah. (5 available)

Special Selection:
Sponsor a Special Selection